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Buying a car from Peter Hanley Motors

Published: 02/29/2024

Take a walk through the car buying experience at Peter Hanley Motors

From browsing online to the questions you should ask, from test driving to insurance, finance options and trade ins and motor histories, to that moment when you drive away in your new set of wheels, Peter Hanley Motors know how to treat the car buyer.

Buying a new to you car is an exciting experience! Here at Peter Hanley Motors, we have years of experience in making the car buying process an easy, stress free, streamlined, and happy event. 

This is a big investment and its important to choose a vehicle that meets all your needs, both financially and practically. The Peter Hanley experience usually begins online. Most car buyers will browse online before calling up or calling in to see us. It’s a great way of deciding what you don’t want, and what you really do want. It also lets you know the price point and the brands on offer. We keep our website as up to date as possible, even though the car sale turnover is high. We showcase all aspects of the vehicles on offer and all details so that you can make an informed decision on a car, sometimes without even leaving the kitchen table! Online car sales are popular now and sometimes the first time we meet the buyer is when they come to collect. 

But, calling up or calling in to enquire about what has been viewed online, is generally the next step in the buying of a car. We are always delighted to chat to potential buyers, without any pressure to purchase! To be honest, we love talking cars and a walk through the lot with any of our sales team will show how much we know about the cars we sell. We take pride in matching customers with the perfect vehicle for them. It can take as long or as short as you like. We encourage you to let us know what your specific needs are; moneywise, familywise, lifestyle etc. There are fuel considerations. Day to day costs, maintenance, and insurance details to think about. Perhaps you want a good workhorse of a car to see you through high mileage on tough country roads, a weekly shop and visit the grandchildren reliable car model or a classy sporty car to match your lifestyle. We can highlight the best options and talk through the pros and cons of what is on offer together. At Peter Hanley’s there is always a good stock to view, and we have something to suit all budgets.

There is a full motor history on every car we have for sale. This tells us all the obvious and important information on each car. This includes whether it has been stolen, involved in an accident, written off or is the subject of a hire purchase or outstanding loan. But more than this, we have access to other pertinent data. Whether the vehicle was used as a taxi, a hackney, a company car and we can see if that ‘one careful owner, who just took it out for mass!’ is actually true. The number of previous owners is listed along with the details of ownership transfers. A comparable valuations guide and the exact specs and data associated with the particular car are also given alongside the emissions and road tax bands. Most importantly, mileage readings are compared with those on the national mileage registrar, meaning so called ‘clocking’ or tampering with the odometer/mileage is revealed quickly and easily. A history check is a full DNA of the car you wish to purchase. It’s a trusted and credible report that we make available to everyone who is thinking of buying our cars.

Ask questions.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so please ask us anything about the vehicles on offer. There are a list of things which you should enquire about and just in case you forget them, in the heat of the moment, we have listed them here. The sales team will also let you know the warranty for each model on offer. 

Once you have found the car that you might want to bring home, it’s time to take a test drive. This can often be the swing vote when purchasing. Seeing how a car handles on the road is a must. At times, we recommend taking a car out that the customer might not be totally enamoured with, only to have them return with a smile and a thumbs up. 
Our comfy salesroom allows you to have a tea or coffee and a sit down as the next step of purchasing is navigated with ease. We have been selling cars for over 30 years, we have your back on all this red tape. Financing options are available and while we can show on our website, the average monthly payments on each car, every sale is different. Trade ins, deposits can all be discussed in private, and we look after the paperwork quickly and efficiently. Insurance transfers can be facilitated if necessary. If purchasing a car for the first time, and particularly if you are a younger driver, it is best to get the insurance sorted first and we are more than pleased to advise on your options.

We take a warm friendly approach to selling our cars.

It’s just the way we are. There is no pressure to purchase, no long sales speels or blather. We have a high turnover of cars and a bank of repeat customers and most importantly, we love what we do. 

So, to the final step in buying a Peter Hanley Motors car. Driving away in your new used car. Safe in the knowledge that it backed by years of motor trade experience and a pride in our work. This is the moment that is always a happy one. For us, as much as for the new smiling owner.

Our staff has grown in number. Our physical space has grown and got bigger and fancier. Our talented team of dedicated mechanics service cars in our custom-built bays. Our clever valet team scrub and spruce till cars gleam. In all of this, we feel we have managed to keep that family firm, friendly vibe even as we embrace all the high tech and the advantages of being a large Motor dealer. We never forget our roots and know that the best aspects of our humble beginnings are what make our business the success it is today. If you are thinking of changing your car, give us a call. You will be more than welcome.

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