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Things to consider before you purchase an electric car

Published: 02/18/2022

The Irish Government announced their target of having 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030, as part of the climate protection plan.  Soo far just 47,000 electric cars have been sold in Ireland.  This is way off the target, but there is no doubt that more and more Irish drivers are considering the move to an EV: an electric car.   The purchase of any car needs to be considered carefully. It’s a big financial outlay. Here are some points to consider if you are thinking of going electric in 2022


The initial cost of purchasing an electric car can be considerably higher than a comparable petrol, or diesel model.   Electric cars are still more expensive to produce as the rare metal, lithium is needed for the battery.  The extra purchase price should be weighed against the savings made on fuel, motor tax and other tax breaks.  There are many tax benefits and grants on offer to help make the change from combustion engine to electric a more enticing prospect.

Cheaper running costs are one of the most tempting and rewarding aspects in buying and driving an electric vehicle.  No more watching the cost of fuel rise and fall (but mainly rise!) at the forecourts, and you would quickly get used to plugging in and charging up the car.  If you are buying an electric vehicle, it is wise to have a home charging point.  There is an SEAI grant to assist with the cost of these. An entry level EV car with a 40kwh battery can be charged overnight on a home charger for less than €4.00. How far this will take you depends on many factors, the age and size of the EV car and seasonal factors. Electric cars use up more battery life in extreme weather.  There are significant savings to be made in fuel costs when you make the change to EV driving.   It was also originally thought that electric cars suffered badly from instant depreciation and a low resale value, but in recent years, that has changed, and it now seems that an electric car will lose approx. 50% of its value after 3 years and 48,000km as opposed to petrol and diesel which lose 45% under the same conditions.


The range of electric cars remains the most talked about and the most controversial point in deciding whether to buy or not. Although the number of public charging stations has been extended and many more suppliers are getting in on the roadside fast charger business, there have been many complaints about the scant network of fast chargers around the county.  Driver’s report finding them to be in use, and having to queue for their turn to charge, there have also been reports of malfunctioning charge points. Drivers also report an annoyance at having to download an app for each provider and put money into the digital wallet before you can access the juice you need. It is far more convenient and better value to charge at home.  You can, of course, simply plug the vehicle into a standard 110-volt wall outlet for what’s called Level 1 charging, but you better have a good book and an overnight bunk if you want full charge this way.   The range of electric cars has improved greatly over the years, but it needs to be a consideration when choosing a car.  At Peter Hanley Motors, our experienced sales team can run through the pros and cons of an electric car, based on your needs.  We have a long and proud history of matching drivers with their ideal car.

Engine and repair costs

A simpler and less complicated system drives an electric car engine. in theory, they should need less trips to the mechanic than a traditional combustion engine.      

The driving experience.

Motorists who have made the change to driving electric agree that one of the most startling changes to the driving experience is in the silence.  The radio is not blaring, and you can hear the chatter of your back seat passengers with no strain.  The quiet driving experience of an electric vehicle is hugely enhanced by this calm transformation.  Some drivers report that driving electric is smoother, nipper and more responsive.  Try a test drive with us here at Ballymahon and compare the difference for yourself.

Does the car suit your lifestyle?

As with all cars, you need to weigh up a great many factors before committing to buy a new car. The model should fit your budget and have all the features that you and your family need for your own particular lifestyle needs.  Brand Loyalty might not be something that you can consider as not all car manufacturers have embraced the EV trends to the same extent.   But if you are looking to drive greener, save money and drive quieter, than an electric vehicle may be right for you. There are good financial reasons to consider when comparing the running costs, the purchase price, lower motor tax and servicing of an electric car with a traditional model.  These savings might be enough to offset the inconvenience of the occasional stopping mid trip to re charge the car

As always, here at Peter Hanley Motors, we have a great stock of cars, sound advice and a friendly welcome, so all in and start the conversation.


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