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Christmas Gifts that the Avid Motorist will love for 2020


It’s that time of year again and the search for a novel, useful and surprising Christmas gift has us all scratching our heads and thumbing through catalogues to find that one perfect gift.  It’s never a problem when the recipient is a car loving motorist who spends more time behind the wheel than anywhere else.  Here is our top picks for motoring related Christmas presents.

Dash Cam

In the last few years, a dash cam has become one of the most popular pieces of technology on the road. Not only will it capture footage of any unexpected encounters with wildlife, foxes, badgers etc, but it gives protection against insurance fraud as it allows a review of what has occurred, in the event of an accident. It will capture any unwanted disturbances while a car is parked too.  A dashboard camera also allows for an entire road trip to be recorded and re-lived at a later date, just for the fun of it!  There is a wide range of dash cams on the market to suit all cars and all budgets.

Amazon Echo Auto 

For the car/techie type who probably has everything else, including the famous Alexa already working in their house to turn on and off things and settle arguments about actors and such like.  It’s an extension of a household Alexa and works through the app on a smartphone. This extends all that business to the car and attaches to your car’s air vent. She takes all those hands-free voice commands so you can listen to music, podcasts or audio books and settle arguments on the best route to wherever.

Rally Driving Experience

Monaghan’s Rally School Ireland has rally car experiences, drifting supercars and winter driver training listed among its driving experiences at a purpose built track in Scotstown, in Co Monaghan.  There is something to interest every car enthusiasts from 10 yrs. old upwards, whether you sit co-pilot on a circuit or try your hand at some super car rallying and drifting experience. Check them out at and give the gift of an unforgettable experience for the wannabe rally driver in your life

Car Valet Pack

When you love your car, you love to keep it looking good.  Demon and Kent are just two of the many brands of car care gift pack kits that will keep a happy petrol head washing, waxing and shining right through to the middle of 2021.   These valeting packs are always popular and let you valet the car like a professional.

Stocking fillers

  • Emergency Puncture Repair A perfect stocking filler which might not be fully appreciated till there is a flat tyre on a dark country road and this clever product turns a major inconvenience into a minor setback. Simply use the ‘Spare wheel in a can’ to get safely home and to a puncture repair shop.  We recommend that these magic little cans are an essential item in all cars, so they make the perfect stocking filler and speaking of stockings…
  • Socks for petrolheads. Socks are not always the gift that sucks!  Imagine having socks that are inspired by classic cars, rally and racing cars. stock perfectly acceptable socks for the car enthusiast with iconic car designs.
  • Key finder   A nifty little Bluetooth device that you add to your car keys will save you hours of searching for the elusive keys. A must for houses with toddlers where the question “Where are the keys?” might include searching the coal bucket or the toaster.  When set up, you simply lose your keys, (that’s the easy part) call the tracker from your phone and follow the sound. (It also works in reverse in case you can’t find your phone).
  • Speedometer/petrol gauge cufflinks A novelty to bring a smile to the motorist in your life. Speed looks a bit low but at least the tank isn’t on empty with this pair of cufflinks.

And we could go on and on with suggestions of the right tools, accessories and car related items that will bring a smile this Christmas.  For those of us who love our cars and  who love to drive,  any small present that enhances the experience is always welcome, so happy shopping, happy driving and take care. It’s the thought that counts, just remember, some of us are always thinking cars, cars cars!

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